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For a list of current to-go and draft beer offerings, please see this page:
Below is a catalog of our beers.   
All are subject to availability.

Helles Lager

A traditional Bavarian-style Helles Lager. Pale straw color, brilliant, malty, with a smooth and crisp lager finish.  Highly sessionable. Available year-round in 12oz 6pk bottles or on draft.  Our flagship lager beer.  Awarded a Gold Medal for the Münchner Helles Category at the 2017 & 2019 US Open Beer Championships.


Schwarzbier Black Lager

We brew the Schwarzbier using German specialty malts, noble Bavarian hops, and cold lager it to produce a crisp and satisfying beer. 



Hopwagen American IPA

A classic American IPA dry hopped with Michigan-grown Cascade hops. Available year-round in 12oz 6pk bottles and on draft. 



Russian Imperial Stout with Coconut and Vanilla

Bitter hops and dark malt balance natural vanilla beans and organic toasted coconut to deliver a rich and delightful Russian Imperial Stout experience. Available intermittently in 12oz bottles and on draft


Russian Imperial Stout with coffee and cocoa nibs

This deep and dark stout packs an incredible amount of flavor into a small glass. Aromas of Ethiopian Hambela Coffee and fair trade Congolese cocoa nibs are joined with a deep malt body and a silky, smooth chocolate finish.  Available seasonally in 12oz bottles and on draft.  

Elucidator Doppelbock

Rich and malty with a noble German hop nose.  This beer features layer upon layer of malt flavor. Available seasonally in 12oz 6pk bottles and on draft. 

Toad Storm Double IPA

A storm of hop flavor and aroma from ridiculously large late hop and dry hop additions.  Medium body and unique with a lot of tropical, citrus, and melon hop aroma.  Available year round in 12oz 6pk bottles and on draft. 

Our Lady Maibock

A traditional pale spring Bock beer. Annual spring release.  


Nebra Disk (nAy-brah) India Pale Lager

A dry hopped New Age Lager.  Citrus dominates a pale and crisp lager landscape.  


A Bavarian Festbier.  Seasonal 12oz 6pks, Limited. 

Feuergeist IPA

A double IPA's worth of hops in a brilliant, pale, bitter American IPA. Brewed in the classic West Coast IPA tradition with new-age aroma hops and malt from the United Kingdom. 12oz 6pks and limited draft.  Constantly in production, out of stock for sale most days.  

Luftgeist-bottle label.jpg

Luftgeist Wheat Ale

A wheat ale hopped like an IPA delivering big orange and pine hop aroma.  Quarterly production, limited draft and 12oz 6pk bottles.  


Smoked Helles Lager

​​Winter Ale

Robust Porter

Irish Red Ale

Fully Smoked Lager

Trash Panda New England IPA

Dune Bear Braunschweiger Mumme





Kriegshammer Pale Ale (Simcoe Hopped & Variants)

Grampa Builds a Fire Double IPA

Incitatus Double IPA

Little. Yellow. Different.  -Italian Style Lager

Blue Eyed Dragon IPA


Pumhart Von Steyr Russian Imperial Stout

Rockbourne Brown Southern English Brown Ale

Old Scouser American Barleywine

American Porter (smoked variant)

Ballhawk Pale Ale

Crystal Sesh IPA

T'Rye Me, Bruh IPA

Street Sesh IPA

Mabon (Equinox IPA)

Guinevere Smoked Helles

Alive Alone IPA 


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